One Way for Artists to Give

It is that time again; time for the Twitter Art Exhibition (TAE19) and you can participate beginning November 2nd. I do! Though I give away my art and do not expect anything in a monetary way, it is clear to me that my art makes a difference. If you have never...

Art, Influence, and Culture

“For artists whose parents had cultural interests, the most common early enchantments took place in an art museum.” ArtNEWS Artistic Influences that Made Artists

Overwhelmed by the Image

"For me, a painting must give off sparks. It must dazzle like the beauty of a woman or a poem." – Joan Miró In many ways, I have adopted Miró’s philosophy of executing a work of art. No matter the subject, I want the audience to be overwhelmed by the image they see....

Stoic Advise

Marcus Aurelius said, "A man should always have these two rules in readiness. First, to do only what the reason of your ruling and legislating faculties suggest for the service of man. Second, to change your opinion whenever anyone at hand sets you right and unsettles...


the use of the word “stretch” in visual arts; it is used often and applied liberally as a way to push the creative mind beyond the limits of the perceivable and into the realm of the magical.